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Hansen Beck Japan empowers your people to perform with our human-centered coaching and training programs

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Customized training programs that drive positive change

Hansen Beck’s programs focus on the place we create the greatest impact; the attitudes and behaviors of your team members. Through our expert training and coaching, we unlock new perspectives on how to communicate with influence and solve complex problems. Empowered team members who apply positive, proactive mindsets willingly push new boundaries and increase your business performance. 

We coach and train your people in the following areas: 

  • Leadership and management
  • Sales excellence
  • Team development
  •  Personal development
  •  HRD/OD project management

All services are customized to your organization’s specific needs and are offered in Japanese and English.


Upcoming Training and Events

Online via Zoom | 24/06/21

Empower your employees to be more motivated

Motivation is a result of attitude – this is where Hansen Beck starts.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right” - Henry Ford

This 3-hour webinar will give participants the opportunity to experience the Hansen Beck approach to training through short exercises and role-plays. Develop a positive attitude and learn how to give the people within your business the motivation to deliver extraordinary results.

Meet your local trainer and coach

Chiaki Kataoka

Chiaki Kataoka is a human resource development consultant and Trainer Leader for Hansen Beck Japan. She has accumulated extensive management experience up to the executive level with more than 25 years of operative assignments in multinational companies.

Chiaki strives to help people perform at their absolute best as a means of strengthening her clients’ organizational outcomes. She is bilingual in Japanese and English.

Career experience

Chiaki has garnered a breadth of experience across the functions of human resource management, organizational development, sales, marketing, and public relations, before launching her consulting career in 2010. 

Since 2014, she has focused on developing organizations and their individuals and teams to enable successful performance. Chiaki has proven through her training that employees who apply their strengths and engage in ongoing training can deliver exceptional outcomes. 

Her experience within the manufacturing industry, paired with qualifications in human resource development tools makes her a highly sought-after asset. In addition to Hansen Beck’s training certification, she is an MBTI® Certified Practitioner and is qualified in Reteaming. Her skill set lends itself well to client’s human resource and organizational development projects.

Chiaki’s communication style and personality help her build relationships fast with trainees. She also applies a highly analytical approach to every one of her Hansen Beck projects, workshops, and training programs. Her deep expertise and considered approach ensure she always implements the right training or development program. 

Make your cross-border business all the more successful with Chiaki’s human-centered coaching methods.


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