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Develop the people in your business and improve organisational results! At Hansen Beck, our training programmes embed the right skills, mindset and behaviours to create sustainable behavioural change.

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No matter what improvements you want to see in your business, Hansen Beck can customise a programme that develops your people with the critical skills, improved mindset and increased influence to accomplish business goals.

Programme options span from short, topic-focused masterclasses through to in-depth 6 to 12 month trainings, delivered either in-person or online, as informed by your business’ unique coaching requirements. 

Our expertise covers the following areas:  

  • Management and leadership 
  • Sales excellence and strategic selling 
  • Communication and presentations 
  • Change and project management 
  • Digital selling and influence 
  • Insights Discovery psychometrics

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DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 14/09/21

Sales Excellence 1
Autumn 2021

Our 5-day Sales Excellence 1 programme is ideal for sales managers and executives ambitious to grow sales and go the extra mile for their clients and create far-reaching customer partnerships. 


Programme Dates:

Day 1 - 14/09/21

Day 2 - 12/10/21

Day 3 - 16/11/21

Day 4 - 11/01/22

Day 5 - 15/02/22

Download Programme Content (PDF)
DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 16/09/21

Management & Leadership 1
Autumn 2021

Our 5-day Management & Leadership 1 programme is suitable for Managers who wish to increase their personal impact as leaders and inspire their teams to excel.


Programme Dates:

Day 1 - 16/09/21

Day 2 - 14/10/21

Day 3 - 18/11/21

Day 4 - 13/01/22

Day 5 - 17/02/22

Download Programme Content (PDF)
DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 10/09/21

Digital Selling and Influence
Masterclass Workshops 2021/2022

Our 2.5-hour workshop on Digital Selling and Influence is suitable for those involved in selling, remote management and communicating online, and is for those who seek to develop their selling, influence and impact online.


Programme Dates:







Download Programme Content (PDF)
DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 9/06/21

Advanced Negotiation Skills
Autumn 2021

Our 3-day Advanced Negotiation Skills programme is suitable for Managers and Sales Executives who seek to maximise their impact through win:win negotiations, either 1 to 1 or in more complex multi-group negotiations.


Programme Dates:

Day 1 - 13/10/21

Day 2 - 17/11/21

Day 3 - 15/12/21

Download Programme Content (PDF)
DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 5/10/21

Sales Excellence 2
Autumn 2021

Our 3-day Sales Excellence 2 programme is ideal for Sales Managers & Executives who attended Sales Excellence 1 and want to take selling and communication with clients to the next level.


Programme Dates:

Day 1 - 05/10/21

Day 2 - 02/11/21

Day 3 - 07/12/21

Download Programme Content (PDF)
DoubleTree Hilton, London Heathrow Airport | 7/10/21

Management & Leadership 2
Autumn 2021

Our 3-day Management & Leadership 2 programme is ideal for Managers who attended Management & Leadership 1 and wish to increase their leadership within the organisation and enable teams to outperform their desired results.


Programme Dates:

Day 1 - 07/10/21

Day 2 - 04/11/21

Day 3 - 09/12/21

Download Programme Content (PDF)

Meet your United Kingdom team

Damian Killikelly

Damian Killikelly is a Director and founding partner of Hansen Beck, and one of the UK region’s Certified Business Trainers. 

Over the past 18 years, Damian has delivered bottom-line results through his hands-on training solutions, the success of which is supported by 23 years of sales, management and leadership experience. His expertise in the creation and delivery of professional training programmes has seen Damian coach a vast number of individuals, teams and companies of all sizes and sectors. 

Damian is a University of Cambridge graduate holding a Master of Arts and is an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner. 

He is based in Lightwater, United Kingdom.

Career experience

After eight years and a variety of experiences specialising in international audit and best practice, Damian unexpectedly discovered his vocation in training. Two decades on, and Damian’s training continually drives return on investment and improves personal and professional outcomes.

Damian’s work as a Senior Trainer for more than 13 years informed his holistic approach to professional training, focused on the growth of the whole person through an understanding of their unique skills, attitudes and behaviours. Previously, he spent three years as an in-house Training Manager, reviewing internal needs and competencies which shaped the design of his training programmes. He has also gained 5 years experience in operational sales management. 

Engaging and insightful, Damian applies his deep knowledge of developing high performers to help people harness the necessary skills, attitude and mindset for success. Damian passionately believes behavioural change is only sustainable once embedded in daily life, and is grateful to witness the ripple effect of positive change in his participants, and their businesses. 

Mark Jones

Mark Jones is a Director and founding partner of Hansen Beck, and one of the UK region’s Certified Business Trainers. 

As an expert training and coaching professional holding 25 years behavioural change experience, Mark has developed people in a wide range of FMCG organisations within manufacturing, logistics and retail. He is a proactive and energetic trainer who thrives on improving organisational results through the personal and professional development of people.

Mark holds a B.A. in Accountancy and Economics from UNCW, an MBA from the University of Nottingham and is an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner. 

He is based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Career experience

Mark’s considerable expertise in training and developing front-line staff and leadership teams grew from his life-long concentration in managerial coaching roles, from a UK partner within an international training firm to Head of Management Development at an airline catering and logistics company. Through and through, Mark creates lightbulb moments and generates the momentum for change that leads to positive transformation.  

As he continues to work with varied UK-based companies, Mark is responsible for the design and delivery of behavioural-based professional and personal development programmes. His training methods embed learning for lasting behavioural change by way of theoretical and practical applications, which ultimately deliver return on investment. 

Having coached countless trainees, Mark is an advocate for understanding yourself before being able to effectively influence and lead others. He maintains that this essential skill opens the door to growing highly collaborative, profitable relationships just one of the many skills participants refine through Mark’s training.

Find out what others say about working with us

The leadership training programme which Damian delivered is one of the best courses I have ever attended. The format of the sessions, quality of content and delivery were all world-class. As a testament to the impact of the training, many of the key learning points have been embedded in my behaviours, both consciously and subconsciously, to this day. I would strongly encourage others to attend this inspiring and motivating training experience.

Rob Treanor
Operations Director


Mark is an expert in his field of training. With the use of innovative and refreshingly original methods, he was able to deliver his course to a very diverse group whilst maintaining a very high level of interest and participation from the entire group.

Paul Reynold
EMEA Distribution Sales Manager


Damian provides differentiated training of outstanding quality fully aligned to the needs of the trainee. His programme was used to implement client management and sales techniques that were directly applicable to our business, structured for adoption and integration, and aligned to our clients from the start. I have attended many training sessions over many years in business and while most are usually enjoyable and vaguely useful, Damian's was enjoyable, has been implemented and is still being used years later.

Rob Beale
Sales & Marketing Director


As a frontline manager, I can say that Mark Jones has been pivotal in the improvements in my management skills. I consider him the best trainer I have ever had and I never wanted his sessions to end. Top marks!

Talib Hussain
Head Of Purchasing



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