How can feedback change your life?


Part 2 of a 7-part series - How a journey of self discovery led to positive change.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  (Aristotle)


During a team development activity, a colleague I really respect, Barbara Lebar, gave me direct feedback.   “I don’t trust that you would have the difficult conversations when they need to be had”. I knew this to be true, but my first reaction was to feel a bit put-out and to make excuses for myself.  However, on reflection (and after confirmation from my wife!), I decided to take action. Professionally and personally I consciously put myself into situations where I had to address issues I had been avoiding.  I prepared in line with our training and I didn’t procrastinate. 


Was it difficult at first?  Yes. Did the first conversations all go well?  Not necessarily. Did it become easier with time?  Absolutely


As a result, when critical professional situations arose where tough conversations were required, I was able to take a lead.  I felt confident to say what I wanted and in the way, I wanted to say it.


Call to action:  Ask for feedback from 1-2 colleagues that you really respect and who you know will be honest and direct with you.  Accept this feedback and reflect on it. Pick 1 priority development area from your feedback and consciously work on it – practice, practice, practice.

Damian Killikelly

Written by Damian Killikelly

After a variety of experiences working in accountancy and sales for 13 years, I was lucky enough 17 years ago to find my vocation – training. Doing something you genuinely love is life-changing. I strongly recommend if you haven’t found your own vocation that you keep searching and taking the chances and opportunities that come along – it is never too late! I passionately believe that behaviour change is only sustainable when it is embedded in daily life –not just professionally but personally. The more we see the benefits in our most important relationships, the more motivated we are to continue. I am privileged to see these changes in my participants but also to be constantly challenged through their growth to look at myself and my own development.