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Bjørn Erik Vinje

Bjørn Erik Vinje
Bjørn Erik has been a management and sales trainer since 2006, working mainly in the Scandinavian market, but has delivered training in 16 different countries. He is passionate about change and inspiring others. Seeing how our training helps people to achieve their results, and improve their personal life, is his motivation for doing what he does. He loves to share a good story and a laugh. If you want Bjørn Erik to talk for hours, ask him about underwater rugby!

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The Importance Of Saying Yes To The Reality.

Inspiration or being inspired is the basic element when finding your inner motivation for what you do. You can be inspired by a good manager, a caring colleague, a loving spouse, o..

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Why Price Doesn't Matter

How important is the price for the customer?

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What is one thing we all have in common yet where we are all different?

I have had many interesting conversations with talented people in business and in organisations; managers, salespeople, HR staff, service technicians, production staff… all categories of staff, and all have at least..

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