Who is Hansen Beck

Hansen Beck is the global expert and partner for creating positive and sustainable business transformation.

Hansen Beck - Purpose

Why We Do It - Our Purpose

Our passion is to create life-changing moments of learning because we believe that everyone has the potential to excel.

Hansen Beck - Vision

What We Strive For - Our Vision

We will be the preferred global partner for those seeking excellent results through immersive learning experiences, which enable positive changes in behaviour

Hansen Beck - Mission

What We Do - Our Mission

We enable businesses to grow by developing people to have a positive mindset, enhanced skills and improved influence

Who We Are And How We Behave  - Our Values

We are Authentic, Driven and We Love What We Do.

We believe in Exploring, Awakening Heroes, and Valuing Differences.


We are...                                               We believe in...


  • We are sincere, empathetic and we actively build trust.
  • We are open and share our vulnerabilities.
  • We walk the talk, at all times.


  • We are consistently curious, with a growth mindset.
  • We thrive in change and have the courage to step into the unknown.



  • We get things done.
  • We personally contribute and actively engage others.
  • We steer and deliver results.

Awakening Heroes

  • We are humble challengers.
  • We discover and recognise the potential in others.
  • We enable people to thrive.


And...We Love What We Do

  • We love what we do and we show it!

Valuing Differences

  • We are inclusive.
  • We enjoy and are enriched by diversity.
  • We show respect for everyone.
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Our Team of Experts

We are Hansen Beck. Founded by passionate business experts in 25 countries across 5 continents with over 400 years of collective business experience. 

As a global provider of business training, we didn’t just end up together by accident. We came together because of a shared passion for personal and professional development. Our purpose of enabling people to become better versions of themselves was borne out of years of joint experience. Each member of our team comes with extensive experience in senior sales, operations and leadership roles, which means that we don’t just talk about theory, we speak and train from experience. 

Our geographic spread and ability to train in your local language, means that there are many options that we can work on to deliver the best fit for your requirements. 

Whether you need local language training in your country for a small number of participants, or a global programme delivered simultaneously across the globe to multiple groups and teams, our experts can help. 

How we chose our name

In the early 20th century, the race was on to reach the South Pole. Covered by all the main media of the time, a cast of key figures in the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration were fighting to be the first to the Pole and make history. At around 3pm on 14th December 1911, a flag was raised at the South Pole. The heroes of the day were the famous polar explorer Roald Amundsen and the four men who reached the South Pole with him. 

However, we chose to honor two forgotten men – crew members and the ice pilots. Without their expertise - navigating the treacherous waters and adapting the tools required to survive in extreme conditions - the team could not have been victorious in their ultimate conquest. These two seamen at the back of the photo were Ludvig Hansen and Andreas Beck. Like them, we have the expertise to equip you for your successful journey. Together, we enable you to explore your strengths and potential, master your skills and deliver tangible results. We are Hansen Beck.

Hansen Beck history

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