Inspiring positive transformation through personal and professional development.

We believe that there is a hidden potential in everyone. Our development programmes will enrich the professional and personal lives of your people. This effect will ripple throughout your organisation and positively impact your teams, your customers and your results.

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How often do you feel that the people in your business aren't activating their full potential? 

Are you interested in delivering significant ROI?

Our exciting, practical and fresh approach to developing skills, as well as a positive attitude and influence with others, will make your people far more efficient and productive. 

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Our Programmes

By focusing on skills that will enable people to thrive well into the future, our training programmes stimulate behavioural change and embed positive habits. All programmes enable participants to explore their strengths, master new skills and deliver tangible results.

Business development program - Sales effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness

Business development program - Leadership and developing high performing teams

Leadership & Developing High Performing Teams

Business development program - Customer experience

Customer Experience


Business transformation and change management

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As we are a catalyst for positive transformation and help to kickstart different behaviours and new ways of thinking. There are many reasons why you will love working with us, here’s just a few;

  • Tailored programmes meet the needs of your business and people.
  • Blended learning ensures that everyone benefits from the training. 
  • You will receive a return on your investment and tangible results
  • Ongoing support and coaching accompany you every step of the way. 
  • Relevant content for start-ups and global corporations alike, as it is the people that matter!


I completed recently a 5-day Management & Leadership training taught by Damian. The training was engaging from start to finish, inside and outside of the classroom. Damian demonstrated a command of the material which was inspiring. He embodied the lessons. I learned and now practice far more from this course than I have from any other course like it, both professionally and personally. I recommend highly Damian for his insight into people and performance, and the excellent material, preparation, and delivery. I am grateful to my employer, Abcam, for the opportunity. I would attend any course relevant to my career or my personal interest taught by Damian.

Chad Collmann
Production & Operations Manager, Abcam


At one point of time when believing you know it all a person such as Adrian comes around the corner and you recognize that lifelong learning is what drives us. Adrian is a truly inspiring person who delivers the content of his training with an enthusiasm and genuine spirit that few people can claim. He is motivational and positive thinking and I felt it to be contagious. Adrian taught me more than the content of his lessons, he coached me to become a better manager, a rounder person in business and private. I am happy to call him a true friend who walked the extra mile. Thank you Adrian.

Christian Weidinger
Managing Director, LEONI Japan KK


Tina is one of the most fascinating people I have met in my life. She is very positive, full of energy and professional person. I like the way she communicates with people. I truly believe each company can benefit from her knowledge and experience. So I can warmly recommend her as a valuable trainer, trusted partner and a friend! All the best, Tina!

Kaloian Parchev
Managing Partners, Zetta Systems


Mathias is a great motivator who encouraged us all to take part in the many role plays and presentations during our sales training course. Mathias is both a patient and honest teacher who gives constructive feedback to ensure that we get the most back from our time with him, he identifies strategies that can be used to positively impact on our subconscious behavior and conducts his course with the perfect level of professionalism and personality to ensure that all participants find him approachable and welcoming. I found that the course was both enlightening for the new sales person but also refreshing for someone who has been selling for years, as Mathias makes you question your current methods and gives you a different outlook on how to approach certain situations. Very impressed by the entire experience.

Bijilly Yadav
Technical Sales at Adina Cosmetic Ingredients, Adina Cosmetic Ingredients


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